Increase in Efficiency

  • High picking performance
  • Full process safety
  • Reduced error rates
  • Applicable across all industries
  • Integrated mobile picking techniques: Pick-by-Vision, Pick-by-Voice, Pick-by/to-Light
  • Customizable processes
  • Business Connector for data exchange with ERP (SAP, Navision, Axapta and more)

Automation and Manual in One

  • Man-to-goods order picking and goods-to-man are simultaneously available with Logis
  • Full-automized or manual picking with one single system
  • Interfaces with supplier, transport and customer systems
  • Storage machine automation & and robotics interfaces

Transparency with Analytics

  • Full warehouse visualization
  • Online visibility of every transaction
  • Statistics, Resource analysis, sophisticated drop-down options



Logis is a modular, easy-to use warehouse management system ensuring maximum efficiency and security of your logistics.


The Logis warehouse management software manages highly complex supply chain management processes: Yard management with automated processes in receiving, monitoring, controlling, loading and shipping of goods as well as the control of automatic components and robots. The WMS software also allows man-to-goods and goods-to-man picking. Furthermore, Logis users can choose between fully automated and manual processes and combine them, if desired. 

Efficient Warehouse Software

Dataphone thus offers the possibility to digitize the supply chain of its customers step by step. Different to competitor's systems, Logis has interfaces with numerous ERP systems (not only SAP). Additionally, Logis offers in-depth analysis down to the single product, thus enabling maximum transparency and traceability of the flow of goods.

The software for your logistics

Logis warehouse management system is successfully used in different industries, for example in (organic) wholesale, automotive and transport industries as well as in medical and healthcare, etc. Whether on smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, robust industrial computers or desktop control panels for central workflow control - employees manage and track the flow of goods on every device. The use of RFID technologies is possible too in our WMS software. 

»Warehouse Logistics« has tested and validated Logis

In addition, the »Warehouse Logistics« team has tested and validated the Logis warehouse management system software from Dataphone. In this process, more than 3,700 individual aspects were checked on the running system using a large list of questions. The team highlighted the wide range of functions and modern technology as well as the unique advantages of Logis compared to other warehouse management systems.

Logis LVS/WMS has proven itself and we are very happy about the Fraunhofer seal of quality.

dataphone logis ist valdiert

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