Make your Warehouse Processes scannable

Do you need scanning functionalities in your own software?
You don't want to develop extra software only to be able to scan?

Often applications designed in ERP cannot be processed efficiently with mobile computers,
because it is not possible to work flawlessly with common browsers.

The Beamer App solves this problem because it makes web-based processes scannable and smarter.


Beamer App for web-based Scanning Processes

  • Scan and input function for web processes
  • Compatible with all Auto-ID forms
  • Multi-processable working through multiple tabs
  • Direct detection of the first scan field (Select)
  • Direct user guide to the input fields (Auto-enter)
  • Auto submit function
  • Automatic login
  • Manual input or direct scan
  • Automatic configuration settings of the functions can be controlled via Master Device Management
  • Kiosk mode adjustable: Run application or not
  • Updating of website data possible from the app
  • Hardware directly also available: Scan envelopes
  • Fast onboarding: No time-consuming software and process adaptations thanks to fast integration of the app within a few minutes
  • Both available: Smart Devices and software

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